Wedding Photography Information


I began my photographic career as a photojournalist about twenty years ago in New York City, and at the same time began my career as a wedding photographer. For me, the two specialties are similar, both calling for a photographer who can create compelling and memorable stories with candor and empathy.

As a photographer, I am drawn to the people, traditions, rituals and emotions that feature prominently in any wedding. But more importantly, weddings allow me to focus on beauty, joy and happiness in a way that is not often available when photographing other subjects most often associated with photojournalism. As a wedding photographer, I try to capture all the elements of a wedding in a manner that allows for the wedding itself, and the people in it, to emerge as clearly and as genuinely as possible. The images I capture are elegant, classic and timeless, and when combined, tell a story that is visually and emotionally engaging.

Weddings never fail to provide moments that make for memorable images, and I am always trying to capture those moments for the couples I work with. I try to be both omnipresent and discreet, with the firm belief that the hardest part of the job is being connected to the events unfolding in front of my camera in a way that results in great photographs.

All that being said, my ultimate responsibility as a photographer is the satisfaction of my clients. To that end, I am entirely at the service of the couples and families whose weddings I photograph. I am happy when my clients are both confident that their wedding photography is well taken care of, and comfortable enough to ask me for anything.

Please forgive this lengthy testimonial from a young couple whose wedding I photographed in New Hampshire, but I think it captures very well the way I want couples to feel after I have photographed their weddings...

"Porter Gifford was exceptional. He arrived promptly and immediately settled into the environment, never asking us where he should be or what he should be doing or directing us to be doing anything other than what we were - having a fabulous time. His non-imposing personality and style was exactly what we were hoping for, and at the same time he always seemed to be capturing the really great moments (I caught him snatching photos of the most wonderful pieces of the day). And, the entire party loved him I got comments from guests in the days and weeks that followed, mentioning how great he was -- he fit in so well, he could have been one of the guests. And, after sifting through the images online, we couldn't be happier. The portraits are great, the ceremony images are beautiful, and most of all, the candids truly capture the day -- and, really, that's what we hired him for: to have the essence of our day captured on film. They are beautiful, and a wonderful memory of the day."

I consider it a privilege when a couple asks me to photograph their wedding, and I consider it my job to return the favor.

General Information

Pricing - I offer one simple option that covers everything needed to completely document your wedding. This includes up to eight hours of photography, all the photography-related expenses, and the proofs. Additionally, your photos can be posted for viewing and purchase on the web. For smaller or shorter weddings, pricing is offered by the hour, with expenses and proofs also included.

Proofs and Enlargements - Your proofs will be delivered to you in a bound proof book. Enlargements come in the usual variety of sizes, and I offer both machine and custom-printed options.

Albums - Finished, handcrafted albums are available, and are priced on a per-page basis. Because wedding albums are the final and most long-lasting representation of the wedding day, they deserve the time and attention it takes to create them. Prices for albums include at least one meeting to discuss details, and while I offer three album styles from which to choose, ultimately, the freedom is yours to create the album you want.

Travel - A nominal travel fee is charged when roundtrip travel (door to door by car) exceeds two hours from Boston or Nantucket. Overnight accommodations are required the night before an event when the photographer must begin before noon on the day of the event and the location is more than two hours travel. Overnight accommodations are required on the evening of the event when the event ends after midnight and the event location is more than two hours travel. When travel to and from your locale is necessitated on the days surrounding the wedding due to air travel, weather uncertainty, customs, or sheer practicality, I add a flat fee. This fee serves to compensate for hours on extra days spent traveling that might otherwise have been committed locally.

Additional Options - Along with the services listed above, I would be happy to photograph your rehearsal dinner, shoot a bridal portrait or an engagement photo suitable for newspaper announcements. Should the number of guests at your wedding exceed 150, a second photographer can he hired to supplement my efforts. Proofing option are numerous, and include an online web gallery, proof albums, enlarged proofs, and digital files. Generally, when it comes to the services I am able to provide, as I learned from a Sudanese gentleman after waiting several days for a train, everything is possible, nothing certain.



Wedding Fee - $5,600 Includes eight hours of photography, expenses and proofs.

Hourly Rate - $700 Fee per hour for shorter weddings, and overtime. Two hour minimum.

Additional Photographer - $1,500 Recommended for weddings with over 250 guests.

Rehearsal Dinner - $700 Fee per hour for Rehearsal Dinner. Includes expenses and proofs.

Bridal Portrait - $800 Price includes sitting, expenses and eight enlargements.

Engagement Photo - $800 Price includes sitting, expenses and five enlargements.

Travel Fee - $250 Fee charged if travel to wedding is over one hour from Boston.

Travel Day - $500 Fee per day if extra days are needed to travel to wedding location.

A deposit of $200 is required to reserve the date, and the balance is due the day of the wedding.


Mini Print

$12.00 - 3x5 or 4x6 inch prints.

Multiple Mini Prints

$1.80 - Price per print when ordering 100 or more of the same image.

Standard Enlargement

$24 - 5x7 inches

$30 - 8x10 inches

$45 - 11x14 inches

$80 - 16x20 inches

Custom Archival Enlargement

$60 - 5x7 inches

$60 - 8x10 inches

$100 - 11x14 inches

$150 - 16x20 inches

Hi-Res Digital File

$75 ($175 for holiday card use)

Custom enlargements are professional quality, primarily intended for framing and albums. Standard prints are digitally rendered prints that are limited to machine specifications. Normal turnover is one to two weeks, 100% rush is for less than one week.


Cards come with white envelopes, and can have a printed return address for $25. Minimum order is 25.

Regular - 5.5x4.25 inches

$3.75 - 25-100

$3.25 - 100-500

$2.75Square - 5x5 inches

$3.75 - 25-100

$3.25 - 100-500

$2.75 - 500+

Large - 8x5.25 inches

$4.75- 25-100

$4.50 - 100-500

$3.25 - 500+


Album are priced per page, and include the print. Covers are priced separately.

Album Pages

$45 - 5x7 inches

$55 - 8x10 inches

$65 - 11x14 inches

Album Covers

$300 - 5x7 inch album cover

$400 - 8x10 inch album cover

$500 - 11x14 inch album cover.

Porter Gifford Photography reserves the right to use the negatives and or reproductions for display, publication, advertising or other purposes. Files will be kept on file and will remain exclusive property of the photographer. Reprint and album prices are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of the sitting. 1/1/22.