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I began my photographic career as a photojournalist about twenty-five years ago in New York City, and at the same time began my career as a portrait and wedding photographer. For me, the two specialties are well-matched, both calling for a photographer who can create compelling and vibrant stories with candor and integrity.

As a photographer, I am drawn to the traditions, rituals, and emotions that feature prominently in any family gathering. But more importantly, this work allows me to focus on beauty, joy, and happiness in a way that is not often available when photographing other subjects most often associated with photojournalism. As a family photographer, I try to capture all the elements of these events in a manner that allows for the events themselves, and the people in them, to emerge as clearly and as genuinely as possible. I try to capture moments in images that are elegant, classic and timeless, and when combined, tell a story that is visually and emotionally engaging.

Weddings, in particular, rarely fail to provide moments that make for memorable images, and I never cease in trying to capture those moments for the couples I work with. I try to be both omnipresent and discreet, with the firm belief that the hardest part of the job is being connected to the events unfolding in front of my camera in a way that results in great photographs.

All that being said, my ultimate responsibility as a photographer is the satisfaction of my clients. To that end, I am entirely at the service of the couples and families whose weddings and portraits I photograph. I am happy when my clients are both confident that their photography is well taken care of, and comfortable enough to ask me for anything.

Please forgive this lengthy testimonial from a young couple whose wedding I photographed in New Hampshire, but I think it captures very well the way I want families to feel after I have worked with them...

"Porter Gifford was exceptional. He arrived promptly and immediately settled into the environment, never asking us where he should be or what he should be doing or directing us to be doing anything other than what we were - having a fabulous time. His non-imposing personality and style were exactly what we were hoping for, and at the same time, he always seemed to be capturing the really great moments (I caught him snatching photos of the most wonderful pieces of the day). And, the entire party loved him I got comments from guests in the days and weeks that followed, mentioning how great he was -- he fit in so well. And, after sifting through the images online, we couldn't be happier. The portraits are great, the ceremony images are beautiful, and most of all the candids truly capture the day -- and, really that's what we hired him for: to have the essence of our day captured on film. They are beautiful, and a wonderful memory of the day."

I consider it a privilege when a family asks me to photograph their weddings or portraits, and I consider it my job to return the favor. 

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