Portrait Photography Information

Pricing - For family portraits I charge a sitting fee plus the cost of

proofs. The results of the sitting will be delivered in a keepsake proof

book, and a typical sitting will generate between 50 and 100 images.

Payment is not required the day of the sitting. You will be billed with the

proofs, and subsequent enlargements will be sent upon receipt of initial


Proofs and Enlargements - Your proofs will be delivered to you in a

convenient proof book. Enlargements come in the usual variety of sizes,

and can be either standard or custom. Should you have any preference

for a particular type, size or print style, please do not hesitate to discuss

it with me. I shoot with a digital camera, which allows for enlargements

to be printed in either black and white or color.

Additional Options - Proofing options are numerous, and include an

online web gallery, proof albums and enlarged proofs. A large variety of

album and card options are available, as is a pricing discount when

ordering many copies of the same image. Please call if you have any

questions, need any further information or would like to see a portfolio.

Some More Information - Sittings usually last about one hour,

depending on light, weather and the cooperation of young children. As

far as clothing during the shoot is concerned, please wear whatever

makes you most comfortable. If you do not have a preferred shooting

location of your own, I know many great spots, am always on the

lookout for more, and will gladly discuss the options with you. I usually

shoot in the late afternoons and evenings, to take advantage of the nice




Sitting Fee - $800

Sitting fee with digital files - $1500


Mini Print

$12.00 - 3x5 or 4x6 inch prints.

Multiple Mini Prints

$1.80 - Price per print when ordering 100 or more of the same image.

Standard Enlargement

$24 - 5x7 inches

$30 - 8x10 inches

$45 - 11x14 inches

$80 - 16x20 inches

Custom Archival Enlargement

$60 - 5x7 inches

$60 - 8x10 inches

$100 - 11x14 inches

$150 - 16x20 inches

Hi-Res Digital File

$75 ($175 for holiday card use)

Custom enlargements are professional quality, primarily intended for framing and albums. Standard prints are digitally rendered prints that are limited to machine specifications. Normal turnover is one to two weeks, 100% rush is for less than one week.


Cards come with white envelopes, and can have a printed return address for $25. Minimum order is 25.

Regular - 5.5x4.25 inches

$3.75 - 25-100

$3.25 - 100-500

$2.75Square - 5x5 inches

$3.75 - 25-100

$3.25 - 100-500

$2.75 - 500+

Large - 8x5.25 inches

$4.75- 25-100

$4.50 - 100-500

$3.25 - 500+


Album are priced per page, and include the print. Covers are priced separately.

Album Pages

$45 - 5x7 inches

$55 - 8x10 inches

$65 - 11x14 inches

Album Covers

$300 - 5x7 inch album cover

$400 - 8x10 inch album cover

$500 - 11x14 inch album cover.

Porter Gifford Photography reserves the right to use the negatives and or reproductions for display, publication, advertising or other purposes. Files will be kept on file and will remain exclusive property of the photographer. Reprint and album prices are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of the sitting. 1/1/22.